Elements of your Section 2 Post

This is probably the most straight-forward post, “A Short History of [your topic]”.  Please look at the book chapters 9-17 in particular for examples of content, format, and style.  This section will be longer than Section 1, as you can see with the examples.

Citations will be crucial for this one, since you are researching your topic.  I want you to cite your references within your text and include them in a list at the end of your blog posting.  This goes for all of your postings.

Describe the history behind your topic, and ultimately based on that history, why it’s important to look at this topic. Most things have a history, so this is your chance to do some research.

For example, in the wolves chapter (11), the authors talk a bit about and describe the species in a biological way.  Then they talk a bit about the range of wolves and how they survive in packs.  Then they spend some time talking about the ecological role of wolves (apex predators, trophic levels, trophic cascades).  Finally they talk about the slaughter of wolves that took place throughout time and some laws that were put into place to stop it.  You can look at other chapters 9-17 to see something that might fit more closely to your topic.  Visuals and even videos add a lot to these things – the book chapters can only show visuals.

At the end of these sections is “The Puzzle of [Object]” – I want you to save that for the very last Section 6, which will be presented in class.  More on that later.


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