Elements of your Section 5 Post

This closing Section 5 will be presented in class as a PowerPoint presentation.  Each group will be allotted 20 minutes – we will have 3 groups present on Monday May 1 and 3 groups present on Wednesday May 3.  I would like each person in your group to present part of this.  Spend about 15 minutes making your presentation, so that we have about 5 minutes for Q&A.  This is how a typical conference presentation works.

Your final presentation should have a few parts:

(1) You will briefly summarize your postings from Sections 1 through 4.  You may use one or two slides for each past Section.

(2) Then key in on the final part, what I’ve been calling Section 5, “The [Object] Puzzle”.  It should include elements from two parts of a typical Chapter 9 through 17 in our textbook:  (a) the closing “The [Object] Puzzle” section and (b) the “The puzzle of [object]” part that concludes each “A Short History of [Object]” section.  Look at these in those chapters for ideas and format.  Present this in an appropriate number of slides.

(3) I want you to provide up to 5 key “Future Reading” citations for your audience to go find if they are interested in your object.  These can be things you have already cited in your Section 1-4 postings, and can be from any type of source.  This could be your concluding slide.

Visuals are important, which I’ve overloaded you with this semester.  Photos, graphs, whatever that can help you make your argument.

In the end, you want your audience (your fellow students and me) to *care about* your object as an environment-society relation.   As part of your “The [Object] Puzzle”, provide some take-away points to make us care.  Raise questions that probably can’t be answered now but will make us think about the future of the object.

Remember that what you present should be more than the rhetoric we often see from those constructing some way of thinking for us – it should be based well-grounded reasoning with regard to the importance of environment and society.



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