Elements of your Section 1 Post

Hi everyone.  As I’ve described in class, for this first blog post I would like you to mimic the opening section of one of our book chapters in content, style, and length – some real world example that illustrates an important environment-society relation involving your topic.  I briefly mentioned the protest at Berkeley to save the oaks (trees are symbolic and important to people) from the Trees chapter and the killing of a famous reintroduced wolf who wandered outside of the national park confines (illustrating the tension between environmentalists who see the ecological value of wolves and ranchers who see the wolves as cold blooded killers) from the Wolves chapter.  You should look at all of the chapters, especially 9-17 (but also 1-8) for what I’m looking for.  As part of this, you should pose some questions about why this is an important environment-society issue for us to consider – sell it to us a bit like the book sections do (or even more).  You should also say a word or two about how you are going to approach this topic in future blog installments.
Embedded images and videos are always good within your postings – blogs are a visual medium, too.  I would like you to cite your sources as well – in the book chapters these are all listed at the end of the chapter, but I would like for you to include them at the end of each blog installment.
The idea is for everyone in class to be able to see these, not just me.  Other students in class are welcome to make comments (like bloggers do) about your posts.
If you have any questions, please ask!

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