How to make a blog posting

Alright alright alright…

Note:  the interface could look different to you since you are an “author” and I am an “administrator”, so what I provide below may not be altogether helpful.  I think you will figure it out, though.  The key points are that you need to be sure to (1) select the proper “Category” for your post (like “Introductions – You and Your Topic” or “Closing”), (2) hit “Publish” once you are happy with your posting – you can review a draft before you publish, and (3) be sure to include web links, visuals, citations, etc.  The most interesting blogs in the past have had visuals, videos, etc. (you have to explain and cite them, of course).

Once you are at, there is a “pencil” icon at the upper right of the screen – you can click on that.  A form will then appear covering the right 3/4 of the page – this is where you will type in your post.  It will have you type a title first.  Then there is a large box below the icon buttons to type in your blog post.  The icon buttons allow for things like “Add Media” if you want to add a visual or some other sort of attachment.

Once you have finished with your post, there is a column over on the left side.  The first thing I need you to do is go down to “Categories” and toggle the box for the category that this post fits under.  As you can see, there are 5 categories of posts this semester, from Introduction to  Closing.  This selection will ensure that your post is published within the correct category – this step is ESSENTIAL for correctly binning your post.  Otherwise it will go to “Uncateogorized” and I will need to go in and move it to the proper location.  You can see the other blog categories on our main page – on the right half of the window – we will post to this semester, like “Background”, along with one called “Course Updates” where I may occasionally post instructions like these.

Once you have toggled the correct category, you can click on the bluish “Publish” button to publish your post, or you can click on the “Save Draft” or “Preview” buttons to see what your post might look like “live”.  In the end, you will need to press the “Publish” button. At the very end, there will be a green bar that appears to allow you to view your published post if you like.

That’s it (I think)!


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